What would you do in an emergency?

Posted by Excite Credt Union on Feb 25, 2021 2:37:24 AM

Every time you take your child with you to buy groceries, you teach them how money works, what it means, and why it matters. The conversations with you have with your children can set ways of thinking about money for them for the rest of their life. So let's dive into how to talk about money.

If you always speak about money with a lot of stress and anxiety, they can pick up on the underlying message, which is that money is something to be feared.  Or, if you are someone who does not budget, lives large relies on your credit card, they could pick up on these habits as well. To further explore how these dynamics might occur, it's best to start with evaluating how you yourself think about money. We outlined some money personality types to help you think about your relationship with money.


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