Small Business Banking and the Benefits of a Credit Union

By Romondo McEachern
November 27, 2023
Small businesses are the backbone of any economy, and managing their finances is crucial for growth and success. One essential aspect of this financial management is choosing the right banking institution. While traditional banks are often the...
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Business Benefits

By Excite Credit Union
June 30, 2023
Running a successful business requires a strong financial foundation. When it comes to managing your business finances, partnering with a reliable financial institution can make all the difference. Excite Credit Union understands the unique needs...
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Celebrating National Family Owned & Operated Business Day

By Excite Credit Union
June 16, 2023
On June 23rd, we celebrate National Family Owned & Operated Business Day, a day to recognize and support family-owned businesses. These businesses are an essential part of our community, contributing to job creation, innovation, and neighborhood...
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National Small Business Week

By Deborah Sunderman
September 15, 2021
We are now over a year into one of the most difficult and challenging experiences that many of us have had to face. As a credit union with just over 100 employees, we have a unique understanding and special place in our hearts for small business...
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